Wicked In Your Arms

Sophie Jordan’s Wicked In Your Arms is a prime example of superb editing and storytelling.  This is one of my favorite books, and was the first one of hers I read.  This book was so well done that after reading it, I bought every book she had written.

Wicked in Your Arms is about a prince who survived a great war and is now trying to find a wife who will bear him heirs.  The first woman he runs into is Hadley who is considered very improper and disliked in society.  Hadley has come into money by accident as her father is now ‘new’ money and has not established themselves in society.

Right from the beginning the sparks fly between Hadley and the prince.  There is a colossal attraction, but because Hadley is so unsuitable as a potential princess and eventually queen, the prince fights his attraction to her.  They find themselves in numerous compromising situations throughout the book as they fight the lust for each other.

The normal back and forth goes on until they are caught in said compromising situation.  As with these types of books the prince then offers for her hand and she denies because she wants him to love her for herself.  The rest of the book is action packed with surprise twists and turns, leading to a stunning climax.

This book may be the typical romance set in this period, but the way Sophie writes is mesmerizing.  It is a full length well done romance novel and leaves the reader wanting more.

I gave this book a full 5 stars.  The editing is on point and at no time was I pulled out of the story.  It flowed smoothly and didn’t go back and forth in an annoying way that would make you crazy.  Sophie weaves a story full of description and smooth connections.  I love this book beyond words and would recommend it to everyone along with all her writing.

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