The Deal

This week’s book is the first of four and is one that makes me giddy to read.  The Deal by Elle Kennedy is not the first of her books I have read, but it has become one of my favorites.  To some it may seem that the nerd and college star athlete is an overdone story line, but it happens to be one of my favorites as long as it is done right.

This is story is about the smart girl and the Hockey star who is pretty intelligent just not motivated.  The smart girl starts off “in love” with someone else and when approached by the hockey star takes his deal of helping her make the other guy jealous in exchange for tutoring.  She resists at first, but Garrett the hockey star makes her a deal that is pretty hard to pass up.

The story line is a tad predictable just because in a story like this there is only so many surprises that can pop up without it becoming hard to follow.  Elle is a fantastic writer and I expected to love this story from the others I had read and I was not disappointed.  The story line is predictable but she writes it in a way that is new and fresh.  The story flows well and there are no lags that make it boring to read.

I read this book in just a few hours and loved every minute of it.  It was fresh and exciting.  Elle brings supporting characters into the story seamlessly and all are hard to forget, which turns out to be a good thing since each of their stories comes to life as a new book in the series.  She makes you fall in love with each person and makes you root for them to figure things out.

I give this star a 5 out of 5 stars.  This book makes you want to never stop reading, and the book has everything.  It has the emotion that makes you hurt when they hurt, it has humor that makes you laugh out loud, it has heat that can make you blush while reading and it has a happily ever after which as we have established is my favorite type of book.

I have read all of Elle Kennedy’s books so far and look forward to many more she will hopefully write.  I highly recommend this book and all of her others.  There is actually a story line with the romance and makes you remember the book long after you have finished.

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