This week’s review is one of my favorite books by the same author as my first review.  Cambria Herbert also has written The Take It Off SeriesTaste by Cambria is one of those books that bring out all the feels.  I think what makes this my favorite of the series is that I can relate on a personal level.  The heroine is a single mother who has clawed her way to the top.  She has done everything she can to make her child’s life the best it can be.  She finished school and worked countless hours missing time with her son just to be able to create a better future for him.

This story is the typical happily ever after, but as I mentioned before those are my favorite kind.  I love Cambria’s writing and once again there is not really anything I can say that I did not like.  Her writing is smooth and never pulls you out of the story.  I guess my only complaint is that the stories are not longer.  I can read them in around 2-3 hours.

Cambria again brings the story to life and makes you root for the good guys while hating the bad guy and wishing they would hurry and get caught.  The beauty in Cambria’s writing is you get sucked into her stories and really connect with the characters.  There is never a point where you stop reading because you are bored out of your mind.  If anything her stories, make you want to read faster and I often struggle to keep from letting my eyes drift ahead.

I have reread this story multiple times and each time is just as good as the first.  Cambria edits her books well and I rarely find anything that makes me cringe.  I am the type of person that if something is edited or not edited badly enough it can ruin the whole book for me and sometimes even the author.  Cambria is not perfect as I am sure no matter how many times people read and reread books they will miss stuff; however, they are pretty darn close.

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars.  I will continue to read and reread this book and recommend it to everyone.  It is also just a fun read and lets you escape real life for a few hours.  I am a huge fan of this book and of Cambria’s writing.  The link is below.  Happy reading and go get lost Inside a good book!



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