#Poser Review

It is pretty much impossible to decide which book to start reviewing.  Books are my escape from life and create a whole new world to explore.  Sometimes they make me cry, sometimes laugh and some even make me furious with certain characters.  When I find a good book it can make me forget where I am and after finishing, it keeps pushing until I share it with the world.

I’m not kidding when I say it is impossible for me to choose.  I made my daughter pick a book I can start with out of my favorite’s collection on my Kindle.  She chose an amazing book and I’m not really surprised she picked it since the cover is bright pink (Her favorite).

I found this author by accident.  She had a book on the free list on Amazon and I am all about the free books.

Cambria Hebert has written many books and she recently got thrown into the limelight with her #Nerd series.  It blew up overnight and has become a personal favorite of mine.  I have already reread the entire series 7-8 times.  The fifth book in this series is the one my little one chose.  #Poser.

This book was the most difficult for me to read because the range of emotions you feel are exhausting.  It is the most intense of the series.  Cambria’s writing is beautiful and it was easy to get lost in her books each and every time I read them whether it was the first time or the 8th.

My favorite part of her writing is that each book slides so effortlessly into the other and picks up where the last one left off perfectly.  Hebert is a master storyteller with a knack for switching back and forth between characters.  She introduces new characters who are like family from the very beginning and characters you love to hate.

I give this book in the series 4.5 out of 5 stars. Incredible writing and story, however the reason I subtracted half a star on this one is the villain had quite a few chapters in this book and while it went a long way in explaining how he became the way he is, I also felt as if it could have been done in less chapters.  I have fallen in love with the other characters and didn’t really want to be taken away from that world by going into a crazy person’s world.  It was necessary as a part of the story, but as I said it went a bit long for me.

I highly recommend this book to others and encourage everyone to get all of her books.  Below are the links to amazon to buy this book! However you should start with #Nerd and that link is below as well.  Happy reading and go get lost Inside a good book.poserfrontposerback




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