Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher

Some books make you cry, others make you laugh and some books make you feel as if you have lived an entire lifetime in those few pages.  Books that make an everlasting impact on your life are few and far between.  You can love a book you have read or hate it, but chances are you will rarely remember exactly what you loved about that book and it will slowly fade into the darkness as just a happy thought.  Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher is not one of those books that will fade into nothing.

Even as I write this I am struggling to put into words the change this book has caused inside myself.  Tarryn has a way of reaching inside of you, finding those dark corners that you hide from the world and ripping them apart.  She shines a light into those parts of you, you wish didn’t exist and forces them to the surface.

If I could give this book a thousand stars I would.  This book resonated with me in a way no book ever has before.  “Fortes Fortuna Juvat” Fortune favors the Brave.  Senna the main character says this at one point and it invites you to experience what she is experiencing.  Only the brave could have written this book and only the brave will finish it.

Senna our main character goes through so many challenges you wonder how she can possibly find the strength to continue on.  What makes this story so captivating is that she is just real.  Her trials have happened to millions of people around the world and just like her they have found the willpower to thrive in life.  It takes time and can feel impossible but in her bravery Senna becomes stronger.  She will never forget the wrongs done, but none of us ever really do.  We only learn how to survive and hopefully how to make those wrongs less prominent in our lives.

I am an avid reader and while books will make me feel happy, sad and even angry, none have ever made me feel as if someone was peeling back the layers to see inside of me.  This book destroyed every part of me and then painstakingly put me back together.  I will forever carry those jagged pieces of my heart with me and I will be grateful to have found a book that forced me to open my eyes even though I will never be the same again.

Tarryn has written a book that will cause you to question everything.

The editing in this book was very well done and not once was I jarred out of the story.  It flowed smoothly and I was almost shocked when it ended.

I highly urge everyone to read this book and to read it with your heart open so that you may experience the same range of emotions I did.  I cannot wait to devour every book she has written and I know you will not regret it.

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