This week’s book is Elfin by Quinn Loftis.  This was not one of her free books, but in her other series the first book was free which is how I found her.  This book is what I would consider Young adult fantasy.  I fell in love with her first series and she branched off into two other series, one of which follows the story line of the first.  Overall the Elfin series is about good versus evil and finding yourself and who you stand for.

I have enjoyed every single one of Quinn’s books.  The first book introduces the characters in a new and fresh way.  Quinn rights her books very cleanly without compromising the connection between love interests.  You can feel how the characters feel for each other and gives you butterflies without getting graphic which some people do not like.

I am especially fond of elves, so I might be slightly biased, but this book is one of my favorites and I would highly recommend it.  I give this book a five out of five stars.  It is a feel good story and one of the few series that I actually enjoy.  I rarely enjoy series because I am very impatient and I hate having to wait for the next book.  This first book is a perfect start to the series and makes you eager to read more.  Some reviewers felt the story was forced but I actually enjoyed it and nothing was bad enough to pull me out of the story.

I love each of the characters and felt they were well developed.  The main girl acted a bit young at times but it was expected at least from me since it was in the young adult genre.  I never expected any of the characters to be extremely mature, but they were not too childish.  It was a nice blend and made an adult such as me happy to read it.

I would recommend any of Quinn’s books to people.  The story is the typical evil against good, however the way she tells it is not typical.  Quinn creates a great adventure and takes the reader along for the ride.  It is a feel good story and is nice to read and escape from the real world for a while.  Link is below! Happy reading and get lost Inside a good book!


elfin-front elfin-back

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