Anti Stepbrother

This week’s book review is Anti Stepbrother by Tijan.  I was unsure at first if I would enjoy this book.  I have loved everything Tijan has written so I don’t know why I was wary.  This book is a standalone and was worth every penny.  As always Tijan hits it out of the park with her character descriptions and makes you fall in love with certain people while hating others.  The story moves along seamlessly and there is no jumping around wondering what just happened.

My favorite part of this book was the fact that the love story between the two main characters started out as friends.  The relationship built off of friendship and was more believable and I was more invested in their story.  At times I love reading books where the poor girl starts a new job and instantly catches the eye of her boss.  From there it is a cat and mouse game and they end up happily ever after and all is hunky dory.  Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes those stories are awesome but are so far from reality that it’s hard to imagine it actually happening.  Stories are stories for a reason, but it is always nice to read a story like this one where the events are completely possible.

I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.  The only thing that kept this story from being a five star review was the few editing mistakes.  Tijan is an amazing writer and her books always send me on an emotional roller coaster ride.  This author always writes very well and it is hard to find fault in any of her books.  There were three instances however, where the editing mistakes were bad enough to pull me out of the story.  They weren’t disastrous enough to not know what was going on in the story, but they repeated a line or words and that hiccup was enough to make me stop for a minute.

The story revolves around a young female who is off to college and has a massive crush on her step brother.  It is the typical unrequited love story and follows her growth from being a shy wallflower to someone comfortable in her own skin.  The stepbrother ends up being a character you love to hate.  He isn’t someone you end up loathing and wishing you had never read about; just dislike quiet a lot and you actually feel bad for him at times.  He also grows as a person but thankfully the story doesn’t focus on him as much.

The “hero” for this story is also well written and the typical popular boy that everybody wants.  He is well rounded but a bit stand offish so people are enamored of him and when the two meet sparks fly.

This book is ridiculously hot and contains some graphic scenes.  Not enough to make you wonder why you are reading the story, but enough to pull you in.  I understand people on both sides of reading certain sex scenes in books and some books can contain too much.  I read a book for the story and the way it makes me feel, not just to read smut.  I honestly would recommend this book to anyone who wants a standalone romance.  I read it in just a few hours and is a book you will not want to put down once you have started.

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